Unique free webinar: ‘Technology addiction’

Webinar by Dr. Scott Sells - September 7th

23 maart 2023

Are you a professional and/or a parent who wants to know why technology addiction of our kids has exploded post COVID, leading to family trauma, and how to stop it? In that case, don't miss our free webinar on September 7th!

And why are the problems with ‘Technology Addiction’ further exacerbated by “The Four Lies of Social Media”? Family trauma solutions are offered to end or prevent technology addiction.

Join Dr. Scott Sells to learn:

  • Why we treat technology problems with kids as an individual problem when it is a family problem
  • The top four lies perpetuated around social media that lead to technology problems:
    • I am the center of the universe
    • I deserve to always be happy, I must have choice
    • I am my own authority
    • Information is all that matters.
  • How to recognize an “iFamily” and what to do about it.
  • Two top family trauma solutions to combat technology addiction: The FST Safety Stressor Questionnaire and Special Outings.
Including video case examples and live Q&A with Dr. Scott Sells.

Scott P. Sells, Ph.D. LCSW is the founder of the Family Trauma Institute (FTI) and author of three books including 'Treating the Traumatized Child: A Family Systems Step-by-Step Approach'. 'My mission is to restore traumatized families – not just the child – by training mental health professionals to become family trauma experts using the Family Systems Trauma Model (FST)'.

Free webinar Technology Addiction – 7 September 2023, 19.30 hrs

This webinar is presented in partnership with the Family Trauma Institute and the RINO Groep.
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